About The UnDuLaTiOnS

 Riverbank Music Festival

The sound of The UnDuLaTiOnS began in the spring of 1985 when Ziggy Wells and Zelda Zaire first met. After a tour in New York City, they have played throughout Northern California and Europe for private and public audiences. Among their 7 albums, Ziegfeld and Ms Zaire have completed work on more original material embodied on the band’s CD, Consequence Cafe. This past May, one of their live shows was recorded at Piatti Bar & Grill which resulted in the, recently-released, double Album, Live at Piatti.

Their unique style of music with roots in swing, jazz and early blues, which they call “post-modern swing”, is characterized by a range and variety of selections including original pieces featuring carefully crafted vocal harmonies. Ziggy and Zelda’s guitar and upright bass are complemented by an accomplished group of back up musicians, including drum diva, Tami Talle and lead guitar specialist, Steve Boettner.

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The UnDuLaTiOnS play regularly in Northern California , including a tour each summer of the East Coast and then Europe. Regionally, they can be seen in cafes, supper clubs, coffee houses, music festivals, benefits and performances at private events and celebrations.